The Proyect

SalvaPeironcely10 is an international initiative, promoted by cultural and pacifist organizations from Spain, the United States, France and Germany, to protect the place that Robert Capa made a universal icon of the horror of war. It was born of the need to preserve the identity of this building and to bring to mind the vulnerability with which the civilian population suffered the indiscriminate and devastating attack that the German aviation perpetrated in those streets of Vallecas to the few months of the beginning of the War Civil, in the autumn of 1936.

Robert Capa was one of the reporters who traveled there to capture what happened and according to his biographer Richard Wheland, that report is considered today as one of his best works on the Spanish Civil War. Robert Capa's photo taken from the No 10 Peironcely Street building, with its facade riddled with shrapnel and children sitting in the midst of the disaster, was published at that time in various magazines (Zürcher Ilustrierte, Regards, Life) and now, with the passage of time, this image takes on even more force and stands as a symbol against the barbarism of war.

For all this, asking for the protection of this building, which has miraculously managed to survive to this day, turning it into Property of Patrimonial Interest and including it in the Catalog of Protected Spaces, is to ask that her memory is not diluted and somehow return to this place something of what lost.

At the same time, with this project, we want to draw attention to the reality of the building in order to improve the living conditions of the families who live in the historic building- all of them under rent-, and in an extremely precarious situation and risk of social exclusion. For this, from the platform has been working, in parallel, since the beginning of the year in the search for a solution that allows the neighbors to access a home in better conditions.

Here you can access the application reports we have submitted to the City Council and the Madrid Autonomous Community:

Report request to the Madrid City Council (Spanish version)

Report request to the Madrid Autonomous Community (Spanish version)

Second video of the campaign promoted by 20 national and international entities to protect the humble building located in the street Peironcely 10, Madrid Entrevías neighborhood. (19/07/2017)

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To ensure that the Community of Madrid declares the Peironcely 10 building to be of Property of Patrimonial Interest and, at the same time that the City Council includes it in the Catalog of Protected Spaces would ensure its long-term protection. Your participation is essential to take that initiative forward.

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All these personalities from the field of culture and peace have supported us from the beginning to safeguard the memory of No 10 Peironcely´s building. And from the Anastasio de Gracias Foundation we want to thank you for your help and commitment.

Abella, Juan José, Painter.

Asenjo, Almudena. Director Fundación Francisco Largo Caballero.

Autain, Clementine. Codirector of Regards.

Auquer, Enric. Actor.

Ávila, Maik. Journalist.

Baeza, Javier. Priest of San Carlos Borromeo Parish.

Berlinches, Amparo. President of Madrid Ciudadanía y Patrimonio.

Bertrand, Michel. Director of Casa de Velázquez. Academié de France.

Bernecker, Walter L. Professor of History at the Erlangen-Nürnberg University.

Casanova, Julián. Historian.

Cedrún López, Jaime Alfonso. President of the Trade Union Foundation Ateneo 1º de Mayo.

Chacón, Inmaculada. Writer.

Clavero, Vicente. Journalist and professor of the Faculty of Information Sciences at the UCM.

Climent, Amparo.Actriz and Filmmaker.

Espinar Mesa-Moles, Mar. Councilor of the Council of Madrid.

Freire, Espido. Writer.

García Montero, Luis. Writer.

Gibson, Ian. Historian.

Gómez Rufo, Antonio. Writer.

Grandes, Almudena. Writer.

Heimberg , Charles.Doctor of History and Professor of History and Citizenship at the University of Geneva.

Hojas, Pedro L.. General secretary of UGT-FICA and president of AGFITEL Fundation.

Ibáñez Pulido, Eduard. President of the General Commission from Justicia y Paz.

Latova, José. Photographer.

Lubell, Mark. CEO of the International Center of Photography of Nueva York.

Millás, Juan José. Writer.

Martelli, Roger. Codirector of Regards.

Maiworm, Reinhard. General director of Goethe-Institut Madrid.

Mayor Zaragoza, Federico. Ex general director of Unesco and president of Cultura de Paz Fundation.

Molina, Pepe. President of Vallecas Todo Cultura.

Olalla, Carlos. Actor.

Oliveres, Arcadi. Expresident of Justícia i Pau de Barcelona.

Pastor, Luis. Singer and songwriter.

Pérez Esquivel, Adolfo. Nobel Peace Prize.

Ramoneda, Josep. Philosopher.

Regás, Rosa. Writer.

Rodríguez Cañada, Basilio. Editor and President of PEN Club Español.

Ruiz Reig, Jaime. Director of Asociación de la Memoria Social y Democrática de España.

Sánchez Vigil, Juan Miguel. Professor of the Faculty of Sciences of Documentation of the UCM.

Seseña, Daniel. Director of TV program Cámara Abierta 2.0 of RTVE.

Simancas, Rafael. Patron of Pablo Iglesias Fundation.

Serrano, Daniel. Journalist.

Serrano, Ismael. Singer and songwriter.

Steva, Isabel (“Colita"). Photographer.

Terré, Laura. Historian of Photograph.

Villaronga, Agustí. Filmmaker.

Young, Cyinthia. Curator at the International Center of Photography of Nueva York

Thank you!


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Here you can see the actions that are being carried out for the development of the initiative # SalvaPeironcely10 and its institutional and social course

#Salva Peironcely10 thanks the Madrid City Council for the protection of the building and considers that it opens the way for the Community of Madrid to declare BIP (21/07/2017)

Plenary of the Municipal Council of Madrid (20/07/2017)

Proposal presented by the socialist councilor Mar Espinar in the City of Madrid (07/11/2017)

The Socialist Party, with its councilor, Mar Espinar, presented the following proposal on July 11 to be debated and approved next Thursday, July 20 at the Plenary of the City of Madrid.

The Proposition consists of the following points:

1) Establish all necessary actions from the relevant Government Area to incorporate the set of houses of number 10 of Peironcely to the Catalog of Protected Goods and Elements of the City of Madrid.

2) That the City Council of Madrid dictate the execution orders of the conservation works, or rehabilitation, necessary to obtain the minimum habitability conditions of the dwellings in accordance with the provisions of article 170 of Law 9/2001, of 17 Of July, of the Soil of the Community of Madrid.

3) That one of the families of neighbors residing in these houses be studied from the competent Government Area and that habitability solutions be made available if necessary.

4) That the competent areas of the city council promote and facilitate the implementation of initiatives and cultural events that platform # SalvaPeironcely10 has submitted to the Municipal Board of the District of Puente de Vallecas, dated July 3 (registration number 2017/0677198) that aims to recover the history of the building, dignify the situation of its neighbors and recover a degraded and abandoned environment of the city.

Plenary of the Municipal Council of Puente de Vallecas (05/07/2017)

On June 5 was held the debate of the proposal of the PSOE, which requested the support of the Plenum of the Municipal Board of the Bridge of Vallecas to the initiative # SalvaPeironcely10.

They intervened: the socialist councilor Mar Espinar; The neighbor vocal of Ahora Madrid Libertad García; The neighbor vocal of Ciudadanos Pedro Giménez; The councilor of the Popular Party Pedro Corral; And the councilman president of the Puente de Vallecas, Paco Pérez.

The voting, made by points at the request of the municipal group of Citizens, was as follows:

Point 1. To promote from the District Council of Puente de Vallecas the project # SalvaPeironcely10 and transfer to the Area of Urbanism and the Community of Madrid our interest because this element happens to be protected and to be part of our heritage. Votes in favor: PSOE, Ahora Madrid and PP; Abstention: C’s.

Point 2. Carry out the necessary actions, in coordination with the Government Areas, to improve the situation of the residents of the property and their living conditions. Votes in favor: PSOE, Agora Madrid, PP and C’s.

Point 3. Collaborate with the promoters of the Project and provide them with the various activities they want to carry out around the property in order to give greater visibility to this initiative. Votes in favor: PSOE, Ahora Madrid and PP; Abstention: C’s.

All three proposals were approved. Two of them (1 and 3) by majority. The number 2 unanimously.

#SalvaPeironecly10 has given an important and decisive first step in a long way yet to go.

Report request to the Municipal Council Distrit (03/07/2017) (Spanish version)

# SalvaPeironcely10 submitted an application to the Municipal Board of Puente de Vallecas to dignify the social situation of the neighbors the property and improve the urban environment of it.

The request is detailed in these requests:


1. Urgent action to facilitate the relocation of the family unit of David Sánchez and Djubica Merzan who has received an order to evict the dwelling he occupied in Peironcely 10.

2. Action to improve the unsanitary conditions in which all the houses of Peironcely are located 10.

3. Study, on a case-by-case basis, of the situation of each of the 14 families currently living in Peironcely 10 in order to facilitate access to decent housing under rental arrangements.


4. Undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of this urban space, including a recognition of the same in the street of the city.

5. To consolidate and clean the plaster of the enclosure of the church of San Carlos Borromeo, which makes the plot of land abandoned today in front of Miguel de la Roca Street, so that a large permanent mural can be made to serve as a homage to the place Already the facts that happened. The design and realization of the mural is a proposal of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Rey Juan Carlos to the platform # SalvaPeironcely10.

6. Broadening of the sidewalk across the front of the Peironcely 10 strike and prohibition of parking before it, as the first act of recognition and significance to the importance of the place. With this initiative began the recovery of the original perspective of the place at the time that Robert Capa took the photo. Something that is impossible to appreciate due to the low height of the building, the strait of the sidewalk and the presence of the vehicles before the facade.

7. Study the future possibility of acquiring ownership of the property and installing in the center of interpretation and homage to the civilian victims of the aerial bombardments of Madrid.

Initiative presented by the Socialist Party to the Municipal Council of Puente de Vallecas (23/06/2017) (Spanish version)

The Socialist Municipal Group presented for its approval the following proposal:

1) To promote the #Salva Peironcely10 project from the district council of Puente de Vallecas and transfer to the Urbanism Area and to the community of Madrid our interest because this element becomes protected and part of our heritage.

2) Carry out the necessary actions, in coordination with the Government Areas, to improve the situation of the residents of the property and their living conditions.

3) Collaborate with the promoters of the Project and provide them with the various activities they want to carry out around the building to give greater visibility to the initiative.

Social Networks

If you want to be up to date on what is happening in the project and wish to participate in its development and broadcast, follow us on our social networks. Do not forget to use the hashtag #SalvaPeironcely10 when you participate or share information.

About us

When in 2010 photographers José Latova, who specializes in archaeological heritage for four decades and his assistant Alberto Martinez Cubero identified the house that had been photographed by Robert Capa in Peironcely 10, in the neighborhood of Entrevías, began to take shape the idea of drawing attention to that building and getting its protection to preserve the memory of what happened there.

From the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation, we understood that a project of this nature needed a committed impulse to make it reach institutions and civil society with the purpose of generating a movement that would allow its value and protection.

We are convinced that now is the moment to instigate Support #SalvaPeironcely10, and for this we request to the Community of Madrid its protection as Property of Patrimonial Interest and to the City Council of the capital its inclusion in the Catalog of Protected Spaces.

Fortunately, since the beginning of the initiative we have had the support of important institutions that we would like to thank for their commitment, generosity and help.


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28002 Madrid

+34 914 562 131